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We are a technology management company that works with startups and FinTech companies to protect and keep their data secure and offer PCI compliant web hosting.

Every BOB program can be tailored to your needs – from the color and design, to fee structures and functionality. Select the ideal solution for your business or let BOB build one for you.




Commercial Check Cashing

Load commercial check cashing proceeds onto prepaid debit cards. Instant-issue.

Debit Card Program

Provide customers with mobile-based banking experience. Instant-issue or mail-issue is available.

Tax Refund GPR

Give taxpayers access to tax refunds with a year-round mobile banking experience. Instant-issue.


Easily provide merchandise credit to customers. Mail-issue.


Corporate Expense

Manage employee spending with a prepaid expense program. Instant-issue or mail issue is available.


Payout GPR

Pay employees with an inexpensive alternative to checks. Instant-issue or mail-issue available.


Gift Card

Offer bank, credit union, and MSB customers open-loop gift cards. Instant-issue.


Incentive, Reward and Promotion

Reward employees and customers for their loyalty.

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